Return Policy

Return Policy

To keep prices as low as possible for all of our customers at Gustafson's Furniture and Mattress, all sales are final and orders cannot be canceled. In addition, as-is merchandise is sold with no warranty.

Exceptions to these policies are only at the discretion of management, and a pro-rated restocking fee will apply.



General Provisions


Modifications: The Order price is subject to change if changes to merchandise or specification are made after signing of the Order. All changes or modifications to the Order will be executed only upon a written order for the same, signed by Customer. Any additional charges for such changes or modifications will be added to the contract price of the signed Order.

Deliveries: Buyer is responsible for payment in full of any balance, prior to delivery. It is the Customer's responsibility to determine that the merchandise will fit into the space and through any such obstacles such as doorways, elevators, and stairwells. The delivery fee is for a "standard" delivery with 2 men to an easily accessible location. Gustafson's will wait at the delivery location for a maximum of 20 minutes before leaving. If any of the conditions above result in the delivery not being complete, additional charges will apply at a rate of $99.95 delivery fee. The additional charge will be added to the contract price of the signed Order.

Buyer Responsibilities: Buyer is responsible for providing a clear path to the delivery location and informing Gustafson's of any natural or man-made obstacles, and moving all impediments including snow & ice, breakables, and other small items from the delivery location. Buyer is responsible for incidental damage to walls or doorways that are a result of a tight or difficult site conditions. Gustafson's shall not be liable for any consequential or man-made damages.

Cancellations, Returns & Refunds: Special order items are defined as any item that is not in stock at the time the order is placed, and must be ordered from the supplier to fill the customer Order. Display items are not considered to be stock items unless the customer is expressly purchasing the display model, and the Order is noted as such. Stock items are defined as any item that is delivered from stock that is in the Gustafson's showroom or warehouse at the time the order is placed. All orders, including special orders, stock orders, display items and closeout items cannot be cancelled.

Customer's Acceptance of Delivery: If Gustafson's has not received the payment in full as required, or if the merchandise has not been accepted for delivery or pick-up within 190 days of it's availability, Gustafson's will give final notification to the customer (at the address shown on the reverse) giving the customer 30 days to either provide payment, accept delivery or pick-up, as required. If the customer fails to fulfill these terms within the 30 days, then Gustafson's will return the merchandise to stock with a 30% restocking fee. The remainder balance, if any, will result in an in store credit, good for 1 year from the date of the invoice.

Customer Pick-ups: Customers who elect to pick-up their merchandise from Gustafson's are solely responsible for loading and securing the merchandise. Gustafson's will help upon request, but is not liable for any damages incurred then or thereafter. It is the customer's responsibility to thoroughly inspect the merchandise prior to loading, and bring any damage or defect to the attention of Gustafson's before loading begins. Any damages to the merchandise during loading or thereafter are the responsibility of the customer.

Payment and Breach of Payment Terms by Customer: All invoices shall be due and payable as agreed on the Order.

No Express or Implied Warranties: Seller shall assign all transferable warranties of the manufacturer, if any to Customer. Seller makes no warranty of any kind with respect to the merchandise, whether expressed or implied. Buyer waives any right of warranty merchantability, warranty of fitness for a particular purpose And/Or warranty of Good Title.